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Due to the evolution of the current pandemic situation, it’s impossible to hold an in-person congress, as we would like. We are aware of the general exhaustion caused by the widespread use of teleconferences and that it would be exhausting to have a three-day conference calls.​

Nevertheless, there are so many good contributions that it would be a waste to cancel. Since we decided to not postpone the meeting again, we propose a different solution.

  1. We invite all participants with accepted abstracts to record their communications. You may do it the way you find the most suitable. Your video will be added to the congress’ YouTube channel which will allow making your work available to a much larger audience and for much longer;

  2. ​You can freely disseminate it to colleagues, students, friends and family through email, social media or any other means. You can make the video longer than the time that was established for the presentation in the congress, but you should keep it under 30 minutes.​So, we ask you to send us the video by April 30, 2021, in order to give us time to add the Congress' intro and to upload it to the Youtube channel.

  3. We will refund all payments, meaning that we will reduce to zero the cost of participation.

  4. ​During the Congress, there will be a virtual multi-room chat platform in order for the congress participants be able to meet, discuss, brainstorm and work together. More details about this will be announced on our next contact.

  5. ​After the Congress, we will produce a hardcover book with your contributions to be published by a international publisher, with the possibility of the book to be bought also on platforms such as Amazon. In order to ensure that this will be done in early 2022, you should send your papers, in English, until December 15, 2021. We will disclose the publishing guidelines soon.

Best regards,

Organizing committee
João Caninas, Telmo Pereira, Ana Carmona, Isabel Gaspar, Paulo Félix & Pedro Fonseca
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